Thank you for taking an interest in our style of photography and for visiting our page. 

We have been Professional Photographers for many years now offering our service Country Wide and Internationally. It is more than a profession for us, its our favourite past time. Having a partner who is also a professional has turned it more into a way of life for us. We spend much time discussing our work, innovating and enjoying each other’s creative ideas. We have different strengths which makes us a dynamic team. One is more on the 'technical' side and the other is more into the Product side so every aspect is covered and we manage to stay up to date. We pride ourselves on our equipment.

As Wedding Photographer and Wedding Films Capturer’s we have a duty to think far more about the stories we are trying to tell – what we are trying to say and who we are trying to say it to. Our question to ourselves is, has this story been told before, and if so ‘how can I tell it differently’

We view our Photography and Wedding Films as a way of feeling of touching, of loving, what you have caught on film because it is captured forever……. It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

This is why hiring a Professional  is one of the most important decisions you will make for your wedding day - Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory

Allow us to ‘Tell your wedding story’. We are employed by our clients to tell the story of their wedding through our eyes. They have given us the poetic license to play and express ourselves capturing their wedding story so there memories live on forever.

We are confident we will capture your day with your personalities shining through – all you need to be is YOURSELF – everyone else is already taken - and your personality will shine through.
We will always put our heart into your images and Wedding Film - We Don’t shoot what it looks like, we shoot what it feels like...

We have a few different photo book choices including beautiful acrylic and leather covers. Our Wedding Films are shot with multiple camera’s to ensure every special moment is captured, for example when he sees you for the first time – walking down the aisle towards him – this look is priceless.  Its moments like these that make you ‘feel’ your wedding film and not just ‘see’ it.  We present it on a usb so we are not limited with the size quality we give you. We also include aerial drone footage which adds a lot to your memories.

We look forward to meeting you in person so we can discuss your day in detail and get the feel of how you would like your Wedding Story told. After capturing hundreds of weddings we have shared in many different stories and we will give you practical advice and advise you on important pointers that will ensure a successful day.

All the best with your wedding plans and Kind Regards
Jules & Luanne
Infinity Media

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