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Shariksha and Thashvir’s Braeside Wedding

Hi Lu!

I hope that you are Jules are well! I wanted to say on behalf of Thash and I thank you so much for the manner in which the two of you captured the wedding moments! You two are an incredible team and make shoots seem so easy…through every moment we felt comfortable and I’m glad that we went with you guys!!! From the sneak peak I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos! These look absolutely gorgeous and you guys have perfectly captured each moment!!! Chat soon, take care!! 😘😊

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Pundit that performed the ceremony – Ranjith Sharma (Isipingo)

Make up and Hair – Future faces by Dhesigi Moodley –

Bride and Groom traditional Gowns – sourced from India – Vijayluxmi

Bride reception outfit – Shringar Lenasia
Groom reception suit – Viyella (Khaliques Sandton)

Brides shoes – Jimmy choo (Sandton city)
Grooms shoes – Ted Baker (Sandton city)

Bridal costume Jewelry – Kangan exotic Indian Jewelry- +27 83 800 9712 – Lenasia

Venue – Braeside function venue (Balitto)

Decor – Outside Pundal set up, Bedhi hire and decor – Mirage Mirror Deco Ms Ash Mohan

Decor Reception hall – Hire Standards – Michelle Mann and Hieke Lothian

Flower arrangements – Ballito Country Flowers Diedre Love

Bridal garlands – Future Faces by Dhesigi

Photography & Videography – Infinity Media