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Warren and Michele’s Collisheen Wedding

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The Meet.

Warren and I met 4 years back at an event I was hosting.. There was some flirty banter between us but at the time we were both seeing other people.. However we remained friends and made a promise that if it were to never work out with the people we where with, then we would go on a date! That promise was filled 2 years later and the rest is soul mate history:)

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The Proposal

So we had been together for a year and are so in love and happy.. Unbeknown to me, Warren was secretly planning the biggest moment of our life!! It was a sunny Dec morning and it started off with a breakfast at Zaras.. Warren was not himself and very fidgety and kept insisting that we go for a picnic!?Warren had packed a champagne picnic of Verve Cliquot and chose a beautiful rock in Thompsons Bay to get on one knee and propose. What a moment, he blew me away.

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 The wedding

A year and a half of planning and saving and we finally get to our big day, the biggest event of our lives:) Our wedding day!  The emotions one feels on this day are incredible, I have never felt that alive and so loved!! The venue choice was a no brainer, Collisheen Orchid House was an absolute must for us:) and wow where we so thrilled with our choice, the service was excellent, the food was amazing and the scenery and building, beautiful! It was worth every single penny! Thanks to Lu and Jules for capturing every special moment of our special day, we can’t wait to watch and relive those phenomenal feelings on that day!

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