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Netanya and James’s Zimbali Wedding


Few weeks before the wedding, I would wake up every morning with butterflies in my tummy, a combination of feeling nervous and excited.  As the time drew close I would wake earlier every morning, I would close my eyes and imagine, how I would look in my dress walking down the aisle, saying our vows and our first dance.  A few days before the wedding, the weather wasn’t looking promising with rain on the horizon, you learn to accept the things you can’t control, Saturday morning I woke up to a beautiful day with the sky becoming bluer as my hair and make-up was being done.

IMG_5019 IMG_0054

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Making my way to the chapel deck, I was constantly drinking water because my mouth became so dry.  Focusing so hard not to trip down the stairs, when I got to the beginning of the aisle and I saw James, my dad had to hold me back because I forgot about the walking slowly and just wanted to run to him.  The ceremony was so beautiful, especially the kiss to seal the deal.


IMG_5436 IMG_5433 IMG_5356 IMG_5306 IMG_5466 IMG_5654

Photos were lots of fun even with the wind, I felt like I was going to blow away like Mary Poppins!

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The reception was amazing, especially our first dance when everyone lit sparklers.  The sweet table was an absolute hit.  And I enjoyed watching everyone at their tables getting along so well.  One of my favorite parts was watching my little brother catch the garter.  The dance with my dad was really special too.  It ended as a big party with lots of drinking and dancing!  It was truly the best day of my life and definitely worth all the planning before.  Sometimes things turn out better than you can imagine.

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