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Sharlene and Michael’s Oyster Box Wedding



We met almost 9 years ago while Mike was playing SA pool. The first time he saw me I was still in my pj’s in my moms bed watching tv. The first words that he said to me is turn off that nonsense and come and sit with us. He went home that night and said to his cousin “shit man you didn’t tell me she is that hot”. From there he tried to romance me but I didn’t want to budge at that stage. It was a long distance relationship for about three years. It had its ups and downs and we fought like any couple.  We saw each other every single chance that we could. The local City bug was our ride every second weekend. We took turns to visit each other. After school Mike moved to Pretoria to come and work there while I finish school. Afterwards we both moved to Nelspruit. He took me to phuket in 2010 and I surely thought that he was finally going to propose. We went through the whole vacation and yet nothing happened. The wedding was basically planned and I knew exactly what I wanted just did not have the ring yet. Finally another few years went past just before we went on our big vacation to europe. Mike always told me that when he proposes it will be in a place like Paris or Venice. Somewhere beautiful.  We had a dinner the night before we had to leave with the family and some friends. His mom ordered champagne and I thought that something was funny but just left it. His mom said that he had to make a speach, he turned around and grabbed a small red box out of his jacket. I started crying and can hardly remember anything that he said except that he will always love me.

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We went on the best vacation ever. We (rather I) started planning the wedding only when we came back. I saw the Oyster Box a while ago on the internet and I just loved the all white Pearl room. Mike always used to say that when we do get married he would only give me the best and that is exactly what he did. I only saw the venue once and arranged everything basically over the internet. The suspense the last month over the wedding was quite a lot as I hoped that everything would be as I imagined it. We organised a small vacation the week of the wedding, even the guests did. The night before the wedding I was with my family and Mike with his. The morning of the wedding I was with my girls getting pretty. When I glanced at the time it was nearly time to walk down the isle. My dad came and fetched me. I tried so hard not to cry but yet cried down the isle. That day I married my best friend and one true love for always. It was the best day of our lives.

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For our honeymoon we went to Mauritius. It was so nice and cosy and we just had the best time ever.

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