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Lara and Graeme's Oyster Box wedding

Graeme and Lara’s Oyster Box Wedding

Lara and Graeme chose Oyster Box as there wedding venue.  Just looking at Lara, we could see such magnificent style and beauty.  From the moment we met we said we can’t wait to photograph them.

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film you have captured forever.  It remembers little things way after you have forgotten everything.  This quote you could see was has this couple felt.  They searched for the style they loved and fortunately for us they chose us and we got to share in there magical day and get to know them as amazing couple.

Even with the day starting with what looked like torrential rain, which is very uncommon for Durban weather, both Graeme and Lara stayed calm and couldn’t wait to walk down the isle to be together forever.

The day continued as planned except the ceremony was brought in doors, which is one of the most amazing aspects offered by the Oyster Box – a gorgeous plan B. Ginny the wedding coordinator made sure their day was perfect.



Lara’s dress was breathtaking.

The reception deco was exceptional, truly one of the best I have ever seen.  Lara had amazing style and chose Sandy from Sweet Pea, who as always did an exceptional job.  The attention to detail was incredable.

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